Hot Springs, Ecology, Wilderness, Stargazing, Leisure, and Hot Air Balloons

"As deer call and wild apples abound, we welcome our cherished guests with music and song." (Book of Songs, Xia Ya - Deer's Call)

An opening verse, greeting all our guests with a genuine heart.

Our hotel embodies the concept of "Harmonious Coexistence with Nature," seamlessly blending leisure agriculture with tourism. We emphasize the interconnectedness of life, production, and ecology, fostering mutual prosperity. Here, you effortlessly meld with nature, basking in the bliss of unhurried serenity.

Within the hotel, you'll discover a captivating fusion of South Island aesthetics, indigenous art installations, and historical treasures. Whether you're immersing in the enchanting Lu Ming hot springs, relishing the comfort of our room services, or savoring the culinary delights prepared by our chef, your diverse and colorful travel experiences will add an extra layer of excitement to your life's journey.