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Sometimes called the "Beauty Soup," Luming Hot Spring originates from Hongye Valley, a top source of carbonated hot spring.  The quality of Luming’s hot springs has been affirmed by world-renowned geologists, and is also highly praised by Japanese VIPs who are familiar with the curative effects of hot springs.  A trip to Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa will take care of your whole body’s skin, and the trace elements that are beneficial to the body can be directly absorbed by the skin, providing comfort to your whole body,.

Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa, located on the Rift Valley Plain between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range, is surrounded by lush and luxuriant forests, clean water and air, essences of heaven and earth.  A trip to "MSPA" on the sixth floor of the hotel, allows you to fully relax your body and mind, sublimate your mind, and enjoy the full sense of happiness bestowed by the "Spirit of the Mountain" in the most pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, as white clouds drift among the ups and downs of the mountains!

Sourced from the renowned Taitung Hongye Hot Springs

Originating from the central mountain range on the west side of the Taitung Rift Valley, the lithology is mainly dark gray slate interbedded with thin metamorphic sandstone. It is one of the top cabonated springs in Taiwan. The water quality is slightly alkaline (Ph value 7.7), and the average water temperature is about 69 degrees Celsius. It is rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, lithium, sodium carbonate and other minerals that are beneficial to the human body.



The professional aromatherapists at Luminous Hotel have many years of experience in aromatherapy, and they are residents at the hotel to provide you with professional services and consultation. Professionally Licensed|Physiological Research in Skin Care Medicine|Development and Utilization of Medicinal Plants Training | NAHA American Holistic Aromatherapy Association Certification|Director of Chinese Aroma Nursing Education and Promotion Association|PPA International Aromatherapist Certification

Aromatherapy Facility
Inquiries / Appointments: (08) 955-2222 ext. 3333 or ext. 3336
MSPA is based on natural plant therapy, using live Luye plants, massaging with hand pressure throughout the process, bathing in wonderful fragrance of plant essential oils, and enjoying a top relaxation time. The original green matcha exfoliation treatment is based on tea leaves from Luming's non-toxic farming tea gardens. After drying, they are grounded into fine powder and applied by the skillful hands of professional aromatherapists.

Indulge in 100% Carbonated Mineral Springs

Separate Male and Female Hot Springs

Experience the rejuvenating effects of high-quality carbonated sodium hydrogen mineral springs, also known as the "Beauty Spring." The Deer Echo Hot Springs, acknowledged by renowned geologists worldwide, are highly praised by Japanese VIPs who truly understand the therapeutic benefits of hot springs. A visit to the Deer Echo Hot Springs not only pampers your entire skin, but also allows your body to absorb delicate and beneficial trace elements directly through your skin, promoting an overall sense of relaxation. It is the preferred choice for locals when it comes to hot spring bathing.

Operating Hours: 15:30 - 22:00

Entrance Fee: NT$350 per person (12 years and older)



酒店室內「中庭廣場」挑高6層樓,氛圍充滿南太平洋島嶼風情,大片玻璃採光面對戶外無邊際溫泉泳池,可架設舞台燈光音響,適合婚宴舉辦、展覽活動、會議及團康活動。 歡迎來電詢問TEL:089-550888。





位於酒店園區內,是台階式的露天表演劇場,在台東鹿野碧藍的晴空下、或是星斗滿天的月光下,一場場活動在這裡歡樂的展開。 歡迎來電詢問





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