The ever-changing four seasons of Luye. The scent of tea. The vividness of the Peach Blossom forest. The touch of the wind from the hot air balloon. The warmth of the natural hot spring. No day is the same, no matter if it's sunny or rainy. The varying landscapes of Luye will bring a peace of mind to all its visitors. Thus, we invite you to spend time with the soul-enriching experience at Luye, any time of the year.

"Art" Tea Garden

Hiking@Local Japanese Immigrant Village

Riding a small bicycle trip through time and space to visit the Japanese immigrant village
Go deep into the countryside, kiss the land with a bicycle, travel through mountains and rivers, a natural and human tribe
Get a glimpse of traditional Japanese architecture in a Japanese immigrant village
Shuttle through the village trails to reminisce about the honest and simple style of Taiwan in the early days

Half-Day Car Tour

The hotel's exclusive guided tour allows you to easily tour Taitung without the hustle and bustle. When you come to Taitung, you no longer have to worry about driving.

Pastoral Charms

8:30 AM: Departure from the hotel Luye Highland , East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Chu Lu Ranch (Admission fees not included) Yuan Sen Garden 12:30 PM: Return to the hotel

Full Day Car Tour

Looking for more activities? Try our full-day tour!

Full-Day Exclusive Guided Tour

Embark on a stress-free exploration of Taitung with the hotel's exclusive guided tour. Say goodbye to the hassles of driving and the fatigue of navigating unfamiliar roads, allowing you to make the most of your time in Taitung.
08:30 Depart from Hotel Jialulan Taitung Jinzun Island Sanxiantai Donghe Bridge Fushan Fishery Area (Admission fee not included) 17:30 Return to Hotel

One Day Chartered Van

Customized Taidong Tour

Nine-Seater Van - 8 hours Special Price: NT$6,000/vehicle (driver fee included) Original price NT$7,000/vehicle
Please dial 08-955-0888 or inquire at the hotel lobby (from your room, dial 9)
Reservation is required. Please make reservations when you book your room. In case of discrepencies or changes, information at the front desk will take precedence.
Tour services provided by Green Tour Taiwan